CBD and Me
By: V Capaldi

For me the CBD experience has not been without trial and error just like my bio
hacked miracle life. For some reason I was not prepared to bio hack using CBD until
I found a product line that offered a different outcome and all without really trying.
My life with CBD is another example of divine intervention.

I had tried CBD about a ½ dozen times before to no success. I was expecting
something to happen and nothing was. I guess I was comparing it to weed back then
so clearly nothing would be noted because CBD from hemp has no psychotropic
effects. I also did not notice a single thing after giving it the ‘old girl scout try.’ Due to
this it never made it into my personal “Bag of Tricks.”

Last July a friend was talking about CBD and the company Elixinol. I expressed I had
never had luck with CBD and she suggested while I was visiting I use it. She really
wanted to see if I noticed anything.

Well I’ll be damn I did. I could not believe it. Never would I have believed this to be a

In typical V fashion I reached out to the folks at Elixinol to ask why their product
was different. After speaking with them I realized there was a ton I did not know
about hemp and what I did know was wrong and far from close to reality.

I am still learning, but have added CBD to my daily wellness plan. The more I learn
about the endo-cannabinoid system and the cellular level healing offered from CBD
the more I am certain there are no accidents in life and CBD has always belonged in
my bag I just needed to find the right one.

So how do you know if Elixinol is the right product line for you?
Just as with food, cannabis and essential oils how the products are sourced matters
so much. If you are using a product grown with pesticides and distilled using
products like acetone there is a high chance you are doing more harm than good.
Sure you may feel a CBD effect, but not for the reasons you believe.

Add information like Terrapins into the equation and the CBD puzzle is very much a
bio hacking tool and one I consider taking a real journey to see if it is right for you. I
look at CBD much like my most important tools meaning that are daily happenings
like movement and food. They offer cellular support, which is key to miracle status.
As luck would have it I happen to have additional bonuses happening post 90 days
of CBD usage:

  • My neck is not feeling like my head is being pushed into it. I know not
    pleasant, but I do struggle with this and CBD is changing it for me.
  • Also my sleep is sounder. I wake feeling really rested and with better
    concentration even later in the after noon.
  • Now I have also been having a great strong warrior time on the yoga mat,
    which I never considered being CBD related, but after an interview with
    Arthur from Elixinol I think it may have a role here too.

When you look at hemp from the soil to CBD and beyond it is clear this plant is
medicinal, heaven sent and should hold a place in everyone’s medicine cabinet. Just
like it rejuvenates and heals the soil it does the same to the human body in my lens.

Take a listen to 3 Facebook lIve interviews from PaleoBOSS Lady that I did with
trusted members of the Elixinol team: Dr. Blair. Arthur and Chris.
After watching these video’s be CBD informed with knowledge of:
 What is CBD and how does it work.
 How is CBD made, sourced, and tested.
 When is CBD used and why.
 How is CBD administered?
 Is CBD legal?
 How to get CBD
 The difference between CBD and cannabis
 Real life success stories and much more.

Stay tuned as I blog my CBD journey with all of you.
I am now experimenting with delivery systems to see if any work better than others
and I am preparing a new blog about how I decided on my serving size and times of
day. My hope is that all of it informs your journey inspiring a starting point to
cellular healing using CBD.

Join me right here on the Care for Your Body Daily for the blog on this journey.

V. Capaldi aka The Paleo Boss Lady